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Basic course
Akce - poukaz na tandemový seskok s otevřenou roční platností pro jednotlivce 4500 Kč s natáčením 6200 Kč.

 Tandemový seskok pro dva v akci za 8600 Kč.

 Poukaz na výcvik a první seskok na padáku křídlo za 3000 Kč.

 Elektronicky budete mít poukaz ihned po zaplacení na účet.

 Tandemové seskoky provádíme na letišti v Kolíně.





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Sightseeing flights


Sightseeing flight makes a great gift and unforgettable experience for anyone who is interested in aviation yet is not having a pilot's license. Who doesn´t long for the feeling of being free and fly high as a bird? Aerial experiences thus belong to the most appreciated gifts anyone can get. Flying will surely fill your heart with euphoria and excitement.

We are managing our sightseeing flights by small sport aircraft which can carry from one to three passengers. It presents one the easiest ways how to get in the air and fly. Being an experience one does not forget for a long time, sightseeing flight makes an excellent gift for your loved ones. It is simply an experience they will never forget. Voucher for a sightseeing flight could be also used as an interesting present for your employees or business partners.

Would you like to fly with your friends or family over places you already know well from the ground? Would you like to make people you love happy? Would you like to se from above places you hold dear, where you had a good time or simply where you live? Then we are here for you with our sightseeing flights! We will happily plan with you a tour of your own choice or you can undergo one of our already established routes.

With your purchase of a sightseeing flight we will draw you up a gift certificate with opened one year validity.

Sightseeing flights ... How does it works?

After short pre-flight briefing, where you will learn a little about technical aspects of the flight, you will board the aircraft and your journey would begin. Observing the ground underneath you from the bird's eye view will assure you that your choice was right. Your pilot will be informing you of all kinds of interesting places and events and ready to answer all of your questions. Is it still not enough? All right then, in case you would like to, our pilot will certainly let you pilot by yourself...


  • Sightseeing flights are intended for anyone in age from 8 to 100 years.

  • Weather conditions
  • Sightseeing flights are conducted all year-round, even poor weather is not a problem! In case of storm, strong wind or other insurmountable circumstances flights are impossible and our client is given another appointment of his choice. Final decision whether the flight will or will be not undertaken is up to the pilot only.

  • Duration
  • Minimal duration of the flight is 15 minutes.

  • Number of passengers
  • Is from 1 to 3 person, depending on a type of the aircraf

  • Audience
  • Accompaniment is welcome. It is possible to take pictures both at the airport and in the aircraft.

  • What to wear?
  • Common comfortable clothes will do. In case of cold weather the cabin is heated

  • Season
  • Sightseeing flights are conducted all year-round

  • Appointment booking
  • Sightseeing flights should ve booked at least three days in advance.

  • Sightseeing flights – pricelist

    Sightseeing flights in four-seated Cessna-172

    Cessna is the most common type of a light propeller aircraft. As well as number of others, Cessna was also called after its designer and founder of an American aviation company, Mr. C. V. Cessna. It is small, light highwing aircraft, with fixed landing gear, nose wheel and wing struts, widely used in aeroclubs and small-amount aerial transportation all over the world. Three-wheeled, four-seated Cessna 172 is one of the worldwidely most popular aircraft of all times. Until now Cessna manufactured over 35 000 of these planes, while many of their owners are families or aviatic schools, for Cessna is known as very easy-to-control aircraft.


  • Flight in Cessna 172 - 30 minutes for 1-3 per. - 4000 Kč
  • Flight in Cessna 172 - 60 minutes for 1-3 per. - 8000 Kč
  • Sightseeing flights in two-seated Falcon

    Zlin 142 is a two-seated low wing plane with seats next to each other. The cabin is spacious, providing enough comfort even to a burly person. Falcon also provides great outlook in all directions, with cruising speed of 160 km/h.

  • Flight in Zlin 142 - 30 minutes for 1 person - 4000 Kč
  • Flight in Zlin 142 - 60 minutes for 1 person - 6000 Kč
  • Contact:

  • Mobil: - 602958094
  • Mobil: - 777854674
  • email: paraskola@volny.cz

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