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Basic course
Akce - poukaz na tandemový seskok s otevřenou roční platností pro jednotlivce 4500 Kč s natáčením 6200 Kč.

 Tandemový seskok pro dva v akci za 8600 Kč.

 Poukaz na výcvik a první seskok na padáku křídlo za 3000 Kč.

 Elektronicky budete mít poukaz ihned po zaplacení na účet.

 Tandemové seskoky provádíme na letišti v Kolíně.





Facebook - Youtube

Facebook - Impact

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Tandem jumps IMPACT

Tandem jump  Impact

You have a opportunity to buy voucher for tandem jump for 3500 CZK or including video (DVD) for 5200 CZK.

Tandem jump

Tandem jumps at the airport Kolin

Parachute jumping is a new sport´s branch, which is nowadays accessible to a large group of people. It shows us the world the way only birds had known it. Only a few of us do not wish to experience this feeling. That´s why we offer you this possibility to see the world from the birds´ perspective. If you visit our paraschool, we will try to bring to you these unusual experiences as well.


This type of jump

allows you to try what only professional parachutes can do. Without any trouble or risks you will try the free-fall and will see the world from a 3-4000 meter height. Before this jump you don't need to go through any training or medical check-up. You can jump at the age of 8 till 100. We also provide jumps for people with handicap at 70% discount of the full price

These jumps are done with the instructors, who have at least 2000 jumps and have gone through difficult tests abroad. For jumps we use parachutes of the firm Parachutes de France, Next, Vector which are equipped with the safety devices Cypres.

The preparation itself for the jump lasts for about 20 minutes. During this time the instructor will explain to you everything that is needed and you will try the position for the free jump. You will dress into the overall and also wear the special harness for the jump. Your head will be protected with the special helmet and for your eyes you will get safety google. Then you will enter together with the instructor the plane and you will go up to the needed height for the jump.


Then the jump is followed with the free fall 35 - 60 seconds. In the height of 1500 meters the instructor opens the parachutes and you can enjoy other 10 - 15 minutes of flight. If you wish, you can try the direction yourself during the flight. Before landing, the director will take back the directing and together you land safely.

The price of the jump includes insurance, the certificate of the jump and lending of all the equipment.

The whole course of the jump can be filmed by a cameraman, who films everything from the preparation until the landing. After the jump you will receive a cutted and with sound tape of an about 20 min recording.

tandem system
tandem system

For the jump you need to bring sport shoes and if it's cold, warmer clothes under the overall and gloves.

We are experienced and equipped for organisation of large groups jumps. We are able to do 30 jumps per day. We jumped for Microsoft CZ (70 passengers), Kooperativa pojišťovna (20 passengers) and ING Bank. Price of these jumps depends on agreement. We can organize them nearly on any term you want. We are able to provide you full services (accommodation, boarding, ...)

order to jump

Scheduled Terms for 2021

4.5-5.5 11.5-12.5 18.5-19.5 25.5-26.5
1.6-2.6 8.6-9.6 15.6-16.6 22.6-23.6 29.6-30.6
6.7-7.7 13.7-14.7 20.7-21.7 27.7-28.7
3.8-4.8 17.8-18.8 24.8-25.8 31.8
1.9 7.9-8.9 14.9-15.9 21.9-22.9 28.9-29.9
5.10-6.10 12.10-13.10 19.10-20.10 26.10-27.10

We also jump every Wednesday from May till October between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For tandem jumps it is necessary to make a reservation on certain date and hour, so that you don't need to wait.

Locations where We Jump
l-410 turbolet
l-410 turbolet

We jump on different airports close to the capital city Prague (Kolín). We are at your disposal every day. If you come to our office on Dolní 12, we will give you a pre-jump preparing, which lasts for about 30 minutes. Then we will take you to the airport, do the jump and take you back. We do not jump in Prague because there is heavy air traffic which prevents skydiving activities.

Prices for Year 2021

Till 1.10. you have a opportunity to buy voucher for tandem jump for 3500 - CZK - or including video (DVD) for 5200 CZK.

order to jump

Tandem jump 3-4000m - 3500 CZK or including video (DVD) for 5200 CZK - without transport to the airport Kolín.
T-Shirt with paraschool's logo - 150 CZK.

Payment at the airport on the day of the jump CZK 4200 - 172 EUR per tandem with video and photo 6200 CZK - 250 EUR


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